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Altus le Roux


Altus is winemaker & cellar specialist. He is  Member technical Committee SA Wine & Spirits Board

Altus core competencies is having a deep understanding of:

  • the practical outlay of a wine cellar (which needs to be developed in close cooperation with the marketing division).

  • cellar technology (which needs to be based on terroir and cultivars in order to produce the best quality, style and market orientated wine).

  • wine making: with 40 year experience as a winemaker I was in charge of a team of winemakers of Boland Kelder

  • He was educated in the art of blending wines by the late Dr J Lazlo, Paul Boutinot en Dr Rasenberger



  • Boland Kelder received 4 Trophies at the IWSC in 2001:

    • i. Best Shiraz in the World

    • ii. Best Cabernet sauvignon in the World

    • iii. Best South African Producer

    • iv. International Winemaker of the Year (Robert Mondavi Throphy)

  • On a regular basis I am invited to be on a panel of judges on national en international wine competitions.

  • For the last 7 years I have been consultant with 20 wine and organisations and -cellars with regards to the above and to implement strategies.

Altus name is respectfully whispered in many restaurants, around braais, in wine cellar and by a variety of South Africans at home.

Jannie le Roux


Jannie was born 14 Sept 1945 and matriculated at Paarl Boys High Gymnasium in 1963.

He finished his studies at Stellenbosch University in Bsc Agriculture in 1968 and farmed Vendôme Estate in Paarl until recently when his son Jannie Jr. took over.


With an in depth knowledge of the workings of the South African wine industry on farmers' and cooperative level, Jannie is well respected as a strategist and problem solver.


Jannie served as non-executive director with the following companies:

  • Boland Wingerd Internasionaal [Chairman]

  • KWV {vice Charman}

  • Cape Wine Shippers [Chairman]

  • Paarl Valley Bottling Company [Chairman]

  • Kaapse Familie Wingerde {Chairman}

  • Boland Bank

  • BOE

  • Guardian National

  • Santam

Gert Bormans


Gert studied notary law in Utrecht, Holland and practised for 4 1/2 year. He has extensive experience in the South African bulk wine industry and worked for several South African producers in sales and marketing for many years. Gert understands the international bulk wine market and their needs. He speaks German, Afrikaans and Dutch fluently and has a reasonable command of the French language.

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